Improve Your Relationships & Your Self

Learn new skills to help you be more Successful in Life and Love. Class offerings in communication, boundary setting, enriching your relationships, self-care and more so that you can go from good to great in your relationships, have self confidence to go after your dreams, and manage your inner world of thinking and emotions.



Say No Without Being a Jerk

Learn quick and easy ways to say no politely even under pressure. This is a FREE, video course for anyone looking to increase their skills in saying no.

You Don't Have to Be a B!+ch to Set Boundaries

Join me for an online class to learn common myths about boundaries, what they are, how to set them, and real world examples so you can have healthy relationships.

Nancy Ryan,  M.A., LMFT Relationship Therapist

I specialize in working with individuals and couples who want deep, satisfying relationships with themselves and their partners. Whether you come alone or with your partner, relationships can shift into being more supportive, nurturing and loving by making small changes. It is such a pleasure for me to work with couples who are ready to stop the destructive patterns and want to build the love, friendship and romance back into their partnership. Both individuals can know that the relationship is my client and that I work to help you hear and understand each other and support both partners.

Helping You Succeed in Life and Love

Beyond my expertise in couples counseling, I work with people who desire satisfaction in their lives, careers, or their own personal journeys. I believe that as you uncover and understand your core self, you can learn true self-compassion and self-love. When you love yourself, you make choices that honor yourself and can move you towards your desires and goals.

"Nancy is very compassionate and has the training, plus life experiences, that can move you from stuck to living again. Her ability to get to the heart of the matter quickly and outline a clear plan of action were extremely helpful to me. "


"I absolutely adore working with Nancy Ryan, she is warm, lighthearted, very empathetic, super intelligent and an excellent communicator. She creates a very comfortable and safe place for you to share any thoughts or issues you may be experiencing. Anyone would be served greatly to connect with her for both her services and networking. Thank you for being such a bright and vibrant spark Nancy."


Learn to Say No

This video course will give you the tools to say no without sounding like a jerk.


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